Program Framework

Learn to Compete is a three-stage development program for competitive junior aged golfers that targets specific age groups with age/stage appropriate content. The grid below illustrates how the program aligns with both Long-Term Player Development and the recommended PGA of Canada coaching certification.

Program Stage Recommended Target Ages Approximate Handicap Factor Range LTPD Stage Alignment Recommended PGA of Canada Coaching Certification
New Competitor 11+/-   to   14+/- 24 to 14 Introduction to Competition Coach of New Competitors (CNC)
Developing Competitor 14+/-   to   16+/- 14 to 6 Learn to Compete Coach of Developing Competitors (CDC)
Advanced Competitor 16+/-   to   18+/- 6 to 0 Learn to Compete & Train to Compete Coach of Developing Competitors (CDC)