Coach of Developing Competitors

As within every context, the developing athlete has unique needs. A Coach of Developing Competitors, playing the role of both coach and role model, will now be supporting the athlete in the development of a yearly plan as these athletes have made golf their primary sport and are often competing on a very regular basis. The skill level of these athletes is at a level where they are competing on recognized national junior tours, playing events such as the Future Links Championships and may be involved with a provincial high performance team or Team Canada. Physical training, mental skills and strategy and tactics are a high priority to the athlete and coach in this context. They are now living the life of an athlete and the coach will support them in optimizing sleep, nutrition and other areas of a healthy active lifestyle.

Parents, athletes and golf organizations can discern which type of certified coach is best suited for the athlete’s individual needs. The athletes in this stream may range in age from 10-55 depending on when they decide they require formalized coaching in the skills necessary to compete at their chosen level.

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