Coach of New Competitors

The Competition Stream is focused on training golf coaches, primarily PGA of Canada professionals. This stream is aimed at any individual or team of athletes looking to learn the skills to compete in the sport of golf. Some young competitors may have dreams of following a pathway of development that leads them to a provincial/national team or beyond to compete on the world’s best professional tours. It is not uncommon in this stream for athletes to pursue a subsidized education through a golf scholarship at an American NCAA school or a Canadian post-secondary institution that offers a competitive golf program.

The coach who has completed training and certification in the Coach of New Competitors context will understand the uniqueness of coaching young athletes aged 12-16. Topics such as seasonal planning; initiation of an appropriate physical training program; technical skill development; and teaching games for understanding will be of high priority during coach training. Coaches who have been trained in growth and development as well as how young people learn will nurture these young athletes.

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