The Seven Core Modules

The diagram below illustrates the seven core modules that apply to each stage of the Learn to Compete program.   PGA of Canada coaches and instructors can utilize these core modules within their practice plans to enhance the athletes’ learning experience. The seven core modules for the Learn to Compete program have been designed in such a way to illustrate progression from the Future Links driven by Acura Learn to Play program, providing more exposure to the skills and attributes required for competitive golf.

LTC-Seven Core Modules

Defining the Seven Core Modules


  1. Skill Development – Continuing to build on the fundamental golf skills introduced during the Future Links driven by Acura Learn to Play program. Begin to refine fundamental golf skills and introduce new skills that are critical for competing (example – shot shaping, specialty shots).
  2. Sport Science – Introducing topics such as strength & conditioning, sport psychology, and nutrition to competitive players.
  3. Rules of Golf – Educating young competitive athletes on more in depth knowledge of the rules of golf & etiquette that would be required to compete in tournaments.
  4. Competitive Planning – Educating athletes, coaches and parents on proper schedule planning, training / competition ratios and how to achieve peak performance at the right time.
  5. Performance – Various topics that have a significant impact on golf performance such as equipment, strategy & tactics, course mapping, handicapping and dealing with environmental factors.
  6. Sportsmanship – Ethical and etiquette elements that come with competing in tournaments and help to uphold the history and tradition of golf.
  7. Parenting – Educational resources and tools for parents.