Progress Rewards

As a method of recognizing progress and development of the participants, upon completion of each stage, participants will receive a progress reward – a custom Team Canada ball marker with hat clip for the corresponding colour stage at additional cost to the facility.

New Competitor



Developing Competitor



Advanced Competitor



** Hat clip ball markers may not be exactly as shown and available only while supplies last.

NOTE: Learn to Compete has been designed so that it can be delivered as a year-round development program where it may take the participant 18-36 months to get through a single stage of the program.

The program benchmarks have been designed in way that there are several benchmarks within each area to cover that can span over this time period. This is to ensure participants are not progressing through the program too quickly, unless the participant is showing significant ability and moving him / her into the next stage is highly recommended by the coach or instructor.

Level Complete / Incomplete Parameters

The Learn to Compete program has been designed to actively promote youth participation in the competitive stream of junior golf. As athletes go through the Learn to Compete program, they will be required to achieve 75% of the performance benchmarks in order to progress to the next stage.

LEVEL COMPLETE – In order for an athlete to complete a program stage, the athlete must successfully achieve 75% or more of all the benchmarks for the stage being graded. The athlete will have to repeat the incomplete program elements until 75% of the benchmarks for the stage being graded have been achieved.

LEVEL INCOMPLETE – In order for an athlete to not progress through to the next stage, the athlete completes less than 75% of the benchmarks for the stage being graded. The athlete will have to repeat the incomplete benchmarks in order to advance.

(Example: If an athlete is in the New Competitor stage and there are 8 benchmarks to achieve, the athlete must achieve at least 6 of the benchmarks (6/8 = 75%) to progress to the Developing Competitor stage). Once an athlete has achieved 75% of the benchmarks in a stage, they have graduated to the next level of the program and will receive a progress reward.